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What if EVERYONE in your organization looked forward to starting their day. They genuinely enjoy the years they have worked with the same people solving important problems for the people who use what they deliver. They form strong bonds on their teams and across teams as they learn from one another.

They can't wait to play their role in the human system they co-created together. 

Each person in your organization discovers their purpose in life through authentic introspection. They also develop their own blueprint for their purpose journey and align it with the organizational purpose.

EVERYONE feels trusted, empowered and inspired. 

They have each other's back, and value each other's unique talent. Every day, they see how much more value they unlock when they stay focussed together. Collaboration prevails!

They feel their collective contributions are valued and grow their empathy for the people who use what they deliver.

I would like to introduce you to Judy Ryan, CEO of LifeWork Systems. For 20 years she has been partnering with organizations to unlock human potential as just described. Her purpose in life is to create a world where everyone loves their lives. She helped me find my purpose in life too. My purpose is to inspire enthusiasm, unity and confidence in everyone.

Founders and executives, take this brief eye opening survey to gain an introspective and comprehensive understanding of the current state of your organization. A broad, collective understanding of the current state is your first step on your journey towards creating a responsibility-based inclusive culture for your organization.

With Agility Science, you can: 

Culture is Key

As major global organizations are adopting or scaling their new ways of working, the vast majority of these initiatives will fail to meet their objectives. The top reasons are not related to technology but to managing the organizational, cultural, and people side of the change.

Your teams embariking on new ways of working do not work in a vacuum. Instead, they interact with stakeholders throughout your organization to deliver value. Therefore, their ability to streamline processes, lean out waste and share knowledge depends on the organizational culture they work in. 

The more everyone in the organization is open to change, the more your new ways of working can grow. Everyone, includes all levels of management, from the CEO to line managers. Everyone includes all internal business stakeholders such as compliance, security, legal, marketing, finance, people management, etc. 

An honest and thorough assessment of your organizational culture is the first step. Take this eye-opening survey to gain valuable insights about the current state of your organization.

The next step is cultivating a culture that will pay long-term dividends for your new ways of working evolution.

Becoming a Catalytic Leader

If you struggle to answer these questions, you are not alone. You are early in your journey to becoming a catalytic leader. 

Becoming a catalytic leader is an outcome that emerges while everyone at all levels in your organization co-creates a human system that enables EVERYONE to thrive. The system you evolve TOGETHER will cause empathy to grow for one another. Collaboration within squads and across squads become commonplace over competition. In this case, everyone can focus on the people who use what they deliver. With this focus, their empathy and collective understanding of their customers can grow faster, which is key to uncovering high-value problems to solve. Innovative solutions emerge in this kind of ecosystem.

The first step towards co-creating this human system, is assessing your organization. Take this eye-opening survey to gain valuable insights about the current state of your organization.